The postcard is in the mail

mailboxEven though technology has changed the game in college admissions, that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned the time-honored method of communicating with future undergraduate students through the U.S. Postal Service.

The College of Education’s Student Services embarked on a marketing project this spring that featured postcards with photos and personal messages about our excellent programs at NIU.

Because KNPE houses three undergraduate majors – Athletic Training, Kinesiology and Physical Education – the department is spotlighted on six of the 14 postcards.

January’s first round of postcards focused on peer-to-peer communications: notes from current students to prospective students.

Students Alfredo Cervantes, Courtney Christin and Tyler Hayes wrote about why they chose NIU, why they love their majors, which professors they would recommend and what they’re learning.

Courtney Christin
Courtney Christin

“I’m learning to have patience with children,” senior Physical Education major Christin wrote, “and about the power of ‘yet’ — just because one child doesn’t understand at first doesn’t mean they never will. It only means they do not understand yet.”

April’s second round of postcards connected faculty with prospective students.

Faculty members Peter J. Chomentowski III, Jessica Martinez and Zachary Wahl-Alexander wrote about why they teach, what their students learn and why NIU will boost their success in the job market.

“You’ll have around 500 clinical hours by the time you graduate, and that’s a lot!” Wahl-Alexander wrote. “But the more you’re in front of kids, developing and practicing your craft, the more effective you’re going to be.”


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