Using Outlook 2013 Scheduling Assistant (better than Doodle!)

Throughout our busy daily jobs, we find the need to schedule meetings for ourselves and our co-workers using our email calendars. A lot of us may have been using Doodle all this time, but Microsoft Outlook 2013 has a built-in tool that will help you do this with ease, even if the list of attendees is large and contains meeting rooms. This efficient time-saving tool is called the Scheduling Assistant, and is even more powerful than the old GW busy search option. Give it a try and eliminate the need for Doodle.

You are saying…OK but I have never used the scheduling assistant in Outlook to schedule a meeting, so can you show me how to take advantage of this time-saving tool? The answer is yes, no problem! Below you will find a short, valuable and well thought-out video demonstrating all the information you need to become an expert using the scheduling assistant.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.10.13 PM





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