Why I teach: Jeff Chan

Jeff Chan became interested in the teaching profession during high school when his economics teacher dazzled the class with what Chan considered to be a boring subject. “I really disliked economics, but as I watched the teacher get so excited about it, I thought maybe teaching was a job I could do,” he said.

Jeffrey Chan-DB-09_624x938
Jeffrey Chan

Chan, an associate professor who teaches classes in the Department of Special and Early Education, says he likes to infuse humor into his teaching and is in the constant process of evaluating his practice to see what works best in his classroom. “I am an extrovert, so I get energized talking with students, cracking jokes, and making the subject matter more fun.”

“I teach because I enjoy interacting with students and guiding them on their career paths,” he said. “NIU students have multiple responsibilities competing for their attention and time, so I like to find new ways to engage them in the present moment and make the subject matter interesting and enjoyable.”

Chan is also the faculty advisor for Best Buddies—a nonprofit student organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.

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