Peter Chomentowski
Peter Chomentowski

Congratulations to these current and former NIU College of Education faculty!

Peter Chomentowski, associate professor of Exercise Physiology in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, was elected this spring as president of the NIU Faculty Senate and chair of the University Council. He assumed office July 1.

The University Council has the power to participate in the selection of faculty committees; advise the president on the appointment of administrative officers, including the selection of a president; and participate and advise the president and the vice presidents in preparing and administering the annual budget, setting goals and priorities for the utilization of resources, and providing periodic evaluation of progress in achieving goals and priorities.

Members also aid in developing basic policies for the university and advise the president, and the vice presidents, on policies affecting the quality of student life on campus.

NIU’s Faculty Senate, meanwhile, is a representative body of the faculty that with its related councils and committees has the responsibility to establish, direct and oversee academic matters.

This includes making policy decisions related to the faculty personnel system, the university curriculum and admissions and academic standards along with promoting a climate of academic freedom for the university community and advancing the instructional mission of the university by maintaining an optimal learning environment.

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Jenn Jacobs
Jenn Jacobs

Jenn Jacobs, associate professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, was selected as the 2021 Journal of Sport for Development Early Career Scholar Award recipient.

The annual award, established in 2019, recognizes an early career JSFD author in recognition of significant scholarly contributions to the sport for development field.

Called “an emerging scholar with a focus on community-based work,” Jacobs was saluted for research examining “the role that sport and physical activity play in fostering equity and psychosocial growth, with a particular focus on serving youth from marginalized populations.”

Members of the JSFD Early Career Scholar Award Committee also noted Jacobs’ work with Project FLEX and in Belize and Sri Lanka.

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Book cover of “General John A. Rawlins: No Ordinary Man”Allen J. Ottens, professor emeritus of Counselor Education and Supervision from the Department of Counseling and Higher Education, wrote “General John A. Rawlins: No Ordinary Man.”

Published Aug. 3 by Indiana University Press, the book is the first major biography of Rawlins in over a century and traces his rise to assistant adjutant general and ultimately President Ulysses S. Grant’s secretary of war.

Rawlins played a pivotal role in Grant’s relatively small staff, acting as administrator, counselor and defender of Grant’s burgeoning popularity.

Ottens presents the portrait of a man who teamed with Grant, who submerged his needs and ambition in the service of Grant and who, at times, served as the doubter who questioned whether Grant possessed the background to tackle the great responsibilities of the job.

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