No place like Zoom for the holidays!

As the fall semester nears its end each December, Dean Laurie Elish-Piper and her Dean’s Office team in the NIU College of Education typically gather for a lunch hour potluck in Gabel Hall.

Elish-Piper didn’t want to lose that tradition this year, and turned to for help.

“All I wanted from my team’s virtual holiday party was a fun time for everyone, even as they sat in front of the same computers where they’ve worked from home for the last nine months – and delivered exactly that and more,” Elish-Piper says.

“Our hosts, Erica and Esau, were friendly, energetic and engaged, getting us to smile, laugh, cheer and relax as they took us through the icebreakers and trivia games. And, for being newcomers meeting us through Zoom, they interacted with us as naturally as if we were all old friends in the same room,” she adds. “When the party was over, I couldn’t believe how quickly those 60 minutes had flown by. Thanks for the happiness!”

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