Welcome Back from the Deans

Laurie Elish-Piper
Laurie Elish-Piper

College of Education Team:

We can hardly believe that fall 2020 is almost here! We are happy and excited to “see” you all again and to welcome all the new members of our great team.

We trust that you’ve all had a chance to disconnect a bit this summer, and that you all found positive and nourishing opportunities to breathe, relax and renew. The three of us definitely took advantage of some much-needed time away from the computer!

Now, as we prepare for our virtual All-College gathering Tuesday, Aug. 18, we’re looking forward to a safe, meaningful, productive and successful semester of teaching and learning in the NIU College of Education.

Our success will come thanks to the hard work and purposeful planning over the last few months here and across the university to keep all Huskies engaged, safe and focused on their academic goals.

This ongoing effort included Laurie making a quick trip to campus to film a short “welcome back” video for students that promises we are ready to go! We’ll also soon to host a fun, virtual event for our new students, and plans are underway to partner with our student organizations and Dean’s Achievement Scholars to promote engagement for all of students

During the All-College, you’ll hear several important and encouraging details about what the fall will look like – so please make sure to join us. Other updates will include good news on enrollment trends, which are pointing upward, and a celebration of our successes.

Lastly, we hope you’ve all read “Protecting the Pack,” NIU’s plan for Fall 2020 – and, if you haven’t, please do.

As President Freeman writes in her opening letter, we “need to remember at all times that behind every mask is a fellow student or colleague deserving of compassion and respect. By working together and supporting one another, we will get through this and come away stronger.”

Thanks for all you do, and “see” you next Tuesday afternoon.

Laurie, Bill and David

Bill Pitney and David Walker
Bill Pitney and David Walker
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