Paul Wright and Jenn Jacobs
Paul Wright and Jenn Jacobs

Paul Wright and Jenn Jacobs, faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, were featured in the Journal of American History for their work “Race, Economics, and the Politics of Educational Change: The Dynamics of School District Consolidation in Shelby County, Tennessee.”

Wright and John M. Amis edited the book, published in 2018 by the University of Tennessee Press.

The review by Walter D. Greason of Monmouth University was glowingly positive.

Greason commended the NIU authors for presenting “a meticulous study of the administrative and curriculum changes that defined the Transition Plan from the MCS to the SCS system,” which “identified how to address the structural revisions of a school system that failedto serve most of its families.”

“Arguably the most valuable chapter in the collection is Wright and Jacobs’ ‘Quality and Equity in Education,’ ” Greason wrote. “Wright and Jacobs balance the recognition of structural inequity and the efforts of committed educators to provide quality opportunities within an unjust system. Their work supports the contention that consolidation opens doors to redesign educational systems nationwide.”

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