Welcome from the Chair

Sally Blake
Sally Blake

Hello from DeKalb!

Our team in the NIU Department of Curriculum and Instruction (formerly the Department of Literacy and Elementary Education) is excited to connect with you. As the new chair, I want to tell you what an amazing group of faculty, staff and students we have in this department. I am seeing how innovative, creative and effective their work is through teaching/learning, research and service.

However, this legacy started with you, our alumni. I recently met with a small group of students and inquired about the selection of NIU as their university. Eighty-three percent reported that they came here because their teachers, who graduated from NIU, were so outstanding that they wanted to be trained like them. I thank you for your legacy of excellence in our field.

Some of the exciting developments in CI include the addition of new personnel to our team. We hired one new faculty member this year, along with a new academic advisor and a part-time curriculum support person. We were able to attract individuals who fit into to this established department of excellence. We currently are searching for two exemplary bilingual educators as our ESL program continues to grow.

It was a true challenge to narrow our list of potential stories to the ones presented here, but we hope these give you a feel for some of the exciting developments and people in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

We love to share alumni successes as well, so if you have a new role, recent award or recognition, please let us know by emailing your news to ceduEdNews@niu.edu. Please also feel free to reach out to me at any time at sblake1@niu.edu.

Finally, if you are able to support our programs financially, please consider designating a gift to Curriculum and Instruction by contacting Adam Neal, Director of Advancement, College of Education, at aneal@niu.edu or by donating online at http://niufoundation.org/invest-niu/ways-give/.

Best regards,

Sally Blake, Professor and Chair
NIU Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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