Welcome from the Chair

Suzanne Degges-White
Suzanne Degges-White

Welcome back to CAHE!

We are so excited to have this opportunity to share a little bit about the exciting happenings here in the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education this fall. We have an amazing team here in the department who are working hard to ensure that our program offerings and student opportunities remain vibrant and cutting-edge.

Our CACREP-accredited Counselor Education programs have benefited from careful review and programmatic fine-tuning over the past few months as we have responded to suggestions from alumni, employers and our Advisory Board. In addition to ensuring that our courses meet and exceed accreditation standards, we have also actively enhanced our Trauma-Informed Counseling Certificate courses and student experiences.

As an online, four-course certificate, we are able to provide counselors around the globe with the most up-to-date trauma counseling theory and practice knowledge. This program continues to grow under the guidance of its coordinator, Dr. Adam Carter. He’s done a fabulous job of creating engaging and interactive online courses, and we are excited to see the enrollment climb!

In our Adult and Higher Education program, faculty and staff have been extremely successful in re-inventing our Ed.D. programing. Three years ago, we began the now-thriving Community College Leadership Program, a three-year, online Ed.D. program that is geared specifically for leaders and executives in community colleges. This fall, we kicked off a re-boot of the traditional doctoral program. Now called the Adult and Higher Ed Executive Weekend Ed.D. program, this is delivered in a hybrid model that includes four weekend meetings at our Naperville campus each semester. This means that its appeal and its accessibility have greatly expanded beyond the traditional draw of its prior format. We kicked off this newly re-invented program with more than 20 students this semester!

We are so excited about this new opportunity for potential students. In fact, we will be hosting an information session in downtown Chicago this year.

Where: 105 W. Madison St., 17th floor
When: Monday, November 5, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm

I’d like to give a shout-out to all of the personnel who make these exciting developments possible:

Department Office Team
Jamie Colbert, Office Administrator
Joan Smola, Office Support Specialist

Recruitment Team
Danae Miesbauer, Academic Counselor

Adult and Higher Education Faculty
LaVerne Gyant, Professor
Xiaodan Hu, Assistant Professor
Katy Jaekel, Assistant Professor
Carrie Kortegast, Assistant Professor
Gudrun Nyunt, Visiting Assistant Professor

Counselor Education Faculty & Staff
Adam Carter, Assistant Professor
Melissa Fickling, Assistant Professor
Teresa Fisher, Professor
Kimberly Hart, Director of the Community Counseling & Training Center
Dana Isawi, Assistant Professor
Patrick McMillion, Instructor
Scott Wickman, Associate Professor

I hope you enjoy the featured articles in this semester’s newsletter. We love to share alumni successes as well, so if you have a new role, recent award or recognition, please let us know by emailing your news to ceduEdNews@niu.edu. Please also feel free to reach out to me at any time at sdeggeswhite@niu.edu.

Finally, if you are able to support our programs financially, please consider designating a gift to CAHE by contacting Adam Neal, Director of Advancement, College of Education, at aneal@niu.edu or by donating online at http://niufoundation.org/invest-niu/ways-give/.

Go Huskies,

Suzanne Degges-White
Professor and Chair

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