Greetings from the Chair

Chad McEvoy
Chad McEvoy

Hello from DeKalb!

Our team in the NIU Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education is excited to update you on some of what has been going on since our last newsletter in April 2017, the first KNPE published in more than a decade. We are happy to provide you with a second newsletter for 2017, and we plan to communicate this way once per semester, fall and spring, moving forward.

One of the most exciting developments in KNPE has been adding new personnel to our team. As you’ll read, we hired four new faculty this year, along with a new academic advisor. We were able to recruit nationally in our searches and attract individuals on the cusp of becoming leaders in their respective fields. KNPE is already one of the strongest departments on campus, and among peer programs regionally, and our new additions will only make our teaching, research and student engagement that much stronger.

There’s so much going on in KNPE that it was a true challenge to narrow our list of potential story ideas to the ones included here, but we hope these stories give you a feel for some of the exciting developments and people in Anderson Hall. You’ll also find some brief updates on each of our academic programs.

Finally, If you are able to support our programs financially, please consider designating a gift to KNPE at Please also stay in touch with us online at, and feel free to reach out to me anytime at

Best Regards,

Chad McEvoy, Professor and Chair
NIU Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

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