Strategic Action Planning process moving forward

planningWe are excited to report that our College of Education strategic action planning efforts are moving forward to ensure that we are well-positioned to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience that prepares them for career success.

We recently advanced this inclusive process by seeking the perspectives of those who are closest to our work: students, alumni, faculty and staff.

More than 200 surveys were submitted across these key stakeholder groups, and the leadership team spent several hours Oct. 24 reviewing the feedback as well as reviewing external market data on current job trends. This session was facilitated by our NIU Center for Governmental Studies partners who are leading us through the strategic action planning process.

Our next steps include creating a rough draft of our action plan which will include a shared vision, mission, values, goals and metrics to shape and guide our daily and long-term decision-making. Once this draft is created, there will be additional opportunities to review and provide input into the process before it is finalized.

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