Summer Seminar: Online Teaching and Learning

computer.jpgThe College of Education is continually looking for ways to assist faculty in their role as teachers. Recognizing the potential of technology in assisting both teaching and learning, the COE continues to invest in new cutting-edge technologies to help improve teaching. But these technologies will be paperweights unless faculty choose to use them. That is why the college is planning on a summer seminar to discuss eLearning as a planned paradigm shift in teaching and learning in our college.

As you think about how to spend your summer, consider allotting time to attend an eLearning seminar about online learning. The seminar will offer faculty time to discuss how to convert their courses to online courses (blended, hybrid, flipped or 100% online), how to take any degree program and offer it online, the cost benefits of eLearning, and much more. The seminar will also include an introduction to eLearning technologies around the college and hands on activities to give faculty a chance to work with the technologies.

Lookout for more details about the seminar and how you can register in futures news releases and in your email box. Although we will try to accommodate as many faculty as possible, space will be limited.

For more information, you may contact, Dr, Isti Sanga at


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