Tech Services and the Learning Center merge

Some exciting changes have been taking place inside the COE’s Technology Services department. On Jan. 1, 2016, the department merged with the Learning Center, creating a new department called Technology Innovation and Learning Services (TILS).

Why the merger? “The short answer is, it just made sense,” said Steve Builta, TILS’ new director. “For years the Learning Center and Tech Services have worked closely together, but because we were separate units, we weren’t able to collaborate and share resources as well as we wanted to. Merging the Learning Center and Tech Services into a single group allows us to better share expertise and staffing. This will allow us to provide better quality services, and to be more responsive to requests.”

Although the merger is still in its early stages, Builta looks forward to sharing information about new initiatives and services in the months to come. ”We’re looking forward to an especially exciting 2016!” he said.

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