Tech Talk: Share your files from OneDrive for Business/NIU email on my mobile device

computer.jpgIn this edition of our newsletter we wanted to show you how to access and share files from OneDrive for Business. Our short video will demonstrate for you just how that can be done. With OneDrive for Business, you have the ability to store and access files from anywhere through many different means, including your web browser. Since the web browser is the most commonly used method for accessing OneDrive for Business, our video uses this method to demonstrate file sharing.

In addition to the video, you will find another important step-by-step guide named: Share a file from OneDrive for Business. Feel free to save, print, and reference this guide as you choose. Simplify your work day by unlocking the power and convenience of OneDrive for Business!

And finally, we provide you with the answer to a very common question related to setting up and accessing your NIU email through the Outlook App on your mobile device. Don’t miss this valuable information!




This Week’s Question: Why can’t I get my NIU email on my mobile device using the Microsoft Outlook app?

Question: I downloaded and setup the Microsoft Outlook app for my mobile device, but now it fails to access my NIU email, why is that?

Answer: Make sure you added the account as an Exchange email account, and it should work just fine.

Outlook Exchange SS

The common mistake is to choose, but the NIU Outlook email system actually uses an Exchange server.

-James Kunkel

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