Tech Talk: Introduction to OneDrive for Business, iPad screen shots

computer.jpgThe topic for this Tech Talk is an NIU provided Cloud-based, secure storage solution that allows you to keep all of your important files in one almost unlimited sized, accessible location. You have the ability to store and access these files from anywhere through many different means, including a simple web browser! More on that in our next newsletter, so don’t miss that one! Just think of the possibilities and the fact that you won’t need to carry that USB drive around anymore – because OneDrive for Business can do it all better.

With our two important step-by-step guides you will learn how to get all your necessary files into OneDrive for Business. You will also be able to save, print, and reference these guides later if you wish. Let us show you how OneDrive for Business can simplify and improve your technology workload and busy day. The search for an easy, integrated, capable solution to holding and backing up your important files is over!

1) The first guide: Save your Office 2013 document to OneDrive – will show you just how easy and integrated it is when using MS Office 2013’s most popular applications and OneDrive together. The perfect place to save, access, and secure your most important work files.

2) OneDrive for Business guide for Getting your Office 2013 documents into OneDrive.  Learn additional ways to get your important documents into OneDrive.  This step-by-step guide shows you how.  Save it as a handy guide for future reference if you wish.


This Week’s Question

Question: How do I save what I am seeing on my iPad/ iPhone screen when I don’t have the option to save it as a file?

Answer: Take a screen shot of your iPad/ iPhone by pressing the home button (round button you place your thumb on) and the power button at the same time. You will now have an entire screen shot/image saved as a picture.


-James Kunkel

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