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Q: What is Toni Tollerud responsible for in her new position as interim associate dean?

A: Toni Tollerud is the new interim associate dean in the College of Education.

Toni Tollerud
Toni Tollerud

Toni’s responsibilities include managing, overseeing and serving as an advisor to the dean on personnel, finance, technology, research, and space allocation within the college. She also supervises the faculty and staff of the Office of Technology Services, the Learning Center, and the Office of Research, Evaluation and Policy Studies (REPS).

In carrying out her responsibilities Toni will work closely with Acting Dean Laurie Elish-Piper, Associate Dean Marc VanOverbeke, Assistant to the Dean Betsy Hull, as well as Steve Builta, director of the Office of Technology Services, and Brent Wholeben, director of REPS.

Toni, a licensed clinical professional counselor who has served as the University’s Faculty and Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Personnel Advisor and was the first faculty member to receive the SPS Collaboration and Partnership Award, says she will pay special attention to personnel and morale issues as the college adjusts to state budget cutbacks and enters the University’s Program Prioritization Project.

She has been an educator for more than 45 years, having served as an elementary and high school teacher and as a school counselor.

“I am excited to bring my 25 years at NIU to the dean’s team and to making the College of Education a shining star for students, faculty, staff and alumni!” she said.

Toni welcomes your visits and questions, so feel free to stop in (Graham Hall 320) or send an email (


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